Fudge Tips
Caring For Your Homemade Fudge
*Never refrigerate your fudge. This will cause it to dry out.
*You can store your fudge in the freezer.  Wrap in saran 
wrap and then place in a zip-lock bag and airtight container. 
Your fudge will last in a freezer for up to 1 year! 
* Let thaw in Saran Wrap at room temperature.
Some of our products contain nuts.
We have some with Nuts and some without, but we have something for everyone!
8 Reasons to Buy Robin's Homemade Fudge of Martha's Vineyard   
1.  It is homemade on Martha's Vineyard and it comes in a specialty box with a plastic knife!
2.  It's made with all of the finest quality of ingredients.
3.  It’s the best, creamiest fudge in the world.
4.  It will keep in the freezer.
5.  It tastes great.
6.  It doesn't melt.
7.  The price is right.
8.  Everyone LOVES FUDGE (ELF)
Now Available!
Sucrose- Free Fudge!

Chocolate & Chocolate Nut
Fructose is a sugar substitute
Sucrose free fudge ingredients are not “sugar free.”  They contain fructose, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in fruit. Although fructose is not a low carbohydrate ingredient, the lack of sucrose in our sucrose free fudge ingredients makes it acceptable for diabetics. Isomalt, a sugar substitute developed in the early 1950’s, is also used to sweeten our sucrose free fudge ingredients. Isomalt is lower in calories than regular sugar and is easily tolerated by diabetics.
*Make sure to check with your doctor to see if you can have sucrose in your diet.
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Tips on How to Care For Your Homemade Fudge